About us

Damaceno & Antunes, Lda

Damaceno & Antunes was born in 2002, as result of the growth and development of the company Jorge Antunes – decorative fabrics founded in 1996 in Maia, Porto. Initially dedicated to the representation of international brands of fabrics and accessories for the national market, specifically for professionals of textile decoration.

Currently the company specializes in textile decoration, representing in exclusive for the Portuguese market some of the most prestigious international brands, as well as developing and editing its own brand of decorative fabrics EVO FABRICS, already exporting to various countries worldwide and also present at some of the most significant exhibits of this industry.

Damaceno & Antunes’ primary goal is the constant search for fabrics and brands that meet the tastes and needs of its customers, trying to serve and cover the professional textile industry, from the manufacturing to the high quality décor.

With two showrooms in Portugal, one at our headquarters in Maia and the other one in Lisbon, where we expose and present all our items and where we can support all of our customers in their decorations.

Evo Interior Fabrics

In 2007 the EVO collection is born, with the primary goal of affirming itself in the exports and high decoration markets. EVO as its name indicates is an EVOlution of the brands already edited and distributed and with a strong presence in the national market, starting to be a complementary brand to existing ones.

Today, Evo Fabrics is an editor brand with unique designs created by Portuguese designers, with the philosophy of transmitting and expressing onto the decorating fabrics the national style and taste. Each collection is a tribute to the best that our country presents to the world. Being Evo Fabrics collection also an ambassador for Portugal’s potentiality either by being present at the major international events in Paris and Valença as well as through our dealers spread across the world from South America to Asia.

To do so we travel the world, we learn from the diversity of this huge universe of high decoration, we join our love for Textile and we created a collection of fabrics for home and the furniture industry. We emphasize lust through the glare of velvets, silks and damasks and we combine them with the simplicity of multicolored fabrics that the world presents to us.

We love it and we are sure you will appreciate it too!