Easylife Fabrics

Easylife Fabric Evofabrics has a range of various easylife fabrics with various colors and textures. The Easylife range is surprisingly easy to clean because it allows almost all types of dirt to be simply cleaned without any serious damage to colour or fabric. It is important to follow the care instructions to help preserve the [...] Continue reading »

EvoHome – New Collection

EVOHOME is a collection entirely dedicated to finished products for the home in addition to fabrics (EvoFabrics) and decorative wallpapers (Evowall). This collection features cushions for decorating rooms, in different sizes, colors, prints and formats. These pillows allow you to diversify the decoration of your space and at the same time provide comfort to your

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Test on your Wall

Welcome to the digital future If before it was hard to imagine the final result of your wallpaper, now, with our EvoWall App, everything is easier. What does the App EvoWall do? The App EvoWall builds digital showrooms that allow you to imagine how your room will look covered in our wallpapers. How to try

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