Wallpaper is an essential piece of home decor and Damaceno & Antunes, in 2021, presents for the first time 4 unique catalogs designed and thought for people with different tastes.

Evolandia 02

A lovely collection for everyone, especially the little ones. A sweet and cheerful wallpaper style that will convert any room into a dazzling fantasy world.

The colors in this catalog range from cheerful tones such as green, pink, blue and yellow, to more neutral tones such as beige, brown, gray and lilac.

Discover the entire collection at https://bit.ly/3qKOLfV

Evowall 03

A wallpaper collection inspired by our Sintra collection, where we can find some papers in common with our curtain items.

Combining with our roles, EvoFabrics launches itself on the market with the first murals designed exclusively for our customers, specifically for lovers of the city of Sintra, with the appearance of the “EWSINTRA” and “EWREGALEIRA” murals.

The collection also features 3 more floral and abstract panels that can be easily customized and scaled to the client’s needs.

Discover the entire collection at https://bit.ly/3cUhYkg

Monte da Lua

Love pattern and color? The Monte da Lua catalog has 15 papers available in different colors. They are our brand’s big bet for the boldest and bravest. Our concept is to create a home where you can relax, recharge your batteries and feel at ease through color and design. In this collection, these two elements come together to give rise to comfort and a sense of renewal.

Discover the entire collection at https://bit.ly/38WUV5M

Mira Sintra

Dialogue between material and color” Mira Sintra is a catalog that combines colors, materials and shapes. A collection driven by the desire to reinterpret architectural surfaces with neutral and harmonic colors and tones. The use of cutouts and geometric shapes truly defines the concept of this decorative collection, creating a perfect balance of nuances and soft colors.

If you prefer a contemporary style, this collection is the solution you are looking for.

Discover the entire collection at https://bit.ly/3rVYsbn