Welcome to the digital future

If before it was hard to imagine the final result of your wallpaper, now, with our EvoWall App, everything is easier.

What does the App EvoWall do?
The App EvoWall builds digital showrooms that allow you to imagine how your room will look covered in our wallpapers.

How to try it out?
Visit the website  www.evofabrics.com, choose the option ‘Test it in your wall’, take a picture of your room or use one of our pre downloaded pictures and have fun! The AR technology will renderize and redimension the chosen design in every selected part, allowing you to choose different patterns and colours simultaneously.

  1. Take a picture of a room with your phone or use one of our pictures.


2. Choose a wallpaper pattern.


3. Change patterns easily just by swiping to the letf or right.


4. Download or share your results with others.

Tag us in your experiences through our social media:
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Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/evofabrics/?hl=pt